Refund a payment

Refunds a payment with a 'paid' status.

Refunds can be:

  1. Issued in full.

  2. Issued in multiple partial refunds, as long as the refunded amount is within the received payment amount. Only a single refund will be processed at a time.

Funds will be refunded through the payment method that the payment was made by.


refund_amount_in_cents required

A positive integer representing the amount to refund. The amount must not exceed the remaining refundable amount.


Returns a payment object if the refund succeeds. Returns an error if the payment object has already been fully refunded or has prior pending/failed refunds.

POST /v1/payment-services/:payment_service_id/payments/:paymentId/refund


    "id": "ZbzTvadjmP0wd7RRxhWtj",
    "due_date": "31-DEC-2023",
    "metadata": {},
    "payout_id": null,
    "created_at": "2023-08-03T17:36:52.634+08:00",
    "creator_id": "user_xxx",
    "payer_name": "Andy Lau",
    "updated_at": "2023-08-16T11:44:19.197+08:00"
    "description": "Payment for XXX",
    "payer_email": "",
    "payment_url": "",
    "reference_id": "PAYMENT_001",
    "latest_status": "cancelled",
    "payer_address": "Blk 123, Yishun Avenue 2, #08-88, Singapore 123456",
    "refund_status": "fully_refunded",
    "payment_status": "paid",
    "amount_in_cents": 1100,
    "payer_identifier": "S1234567A",
    "paid_out_timestamp": null,
    "payment_service_id": "payment_service_xxx",
    "email_delivery_status": "sent",
    "payment_sent_timestamp": "2023-08-13T11:44:19.197+08:00",
    "stripe_payment_intent_id": "pi_xxx",
    "payment_cancelled_timestamp": "2023-08-14T11:44:19.197+08:00",
    "payment_succeeded_timestamp": "2023-08-15T11:44:19.197+08:00",
    "payment_fully_refunded_timestamp": "2023-08-16T11:44:19.197+08:00"

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