Do I need to create an account to use PaySG?

No, any can be used to log in to PaySG without needing to create an account.

I do not have a email. How can I access PaySG?

If you are a vendor working on integrating PaySG with a government agency, contact us at to whitelist your email address.

Can multiple users have access to the payment service?

Access to payment services can be updated in the Collaborators section in the payment service's Settings.

Can I set different access or permission levels for different users?

We do not currently support this - all collaborators on a payment service can create, cancel or refund payments. Do contact us at should you have a use case that requires this.

I did not receive my OTP. Where is it?

The OTP is sent immediately, but might take a while to arrive in your government email if there is high traffic on the government network. OTPs are sent almost immediately when requested. Hence most OTP delay issues tend to be on the recipients' end, due to possibility that emails have to go through several security layers in agencies' mail servers. If there is widespread OTP issues, we will inform admins via our communication channels.

If you have already requested a second OTP, the first OTP will be invalid.

If you have not received your OTP after 10 minutes:

  1. Check if your login email is keyed in correctly and you are looking at the right inbox.

  2. Search for "One-Time Password (OTP) for PaySG".

  3. Check junk/spam boxes.

  4. Look at outlook rules/junk email filter as PaySG OTPs come from an internet source.

  5. Use other browsers and/or personal devices (e.g. mobile device).

  6. Check if colleagues are also experiencing this delay.

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