How do I initiate refunds for successful payments?

Refunds can be initiated through the PaySG admin dashboard. More details can be found in our guide about refunds.

How long does it take to receive refunds?

Once refunds are initiated, PaySG immediately forwards the request to Stripe, which submits the refund requests to the payer's bank or card issuer. The payer sees the refund approximately 5 - 10 business days later, depending on the bank or card issuer.

How long after the initial payment can I initiate refunds?

Depending on the payment method (Stripe, bank PayNow), refunds can generally be initiated up to 90 days after payment.

Are there any charges/fees for refunds?

No, there are no additional transaction fees incurred for refunds.

Does PaySG support partial refunds?

We do not currently support partial refunds. We aim to make partial refunds available by Q2 2024.

Does PaySG have a refund API?

We do not currently have a refund API. We aim to make PaySG's refund APIs available by Q2 2024.

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