This page provides information about the various reports that can be downloaded on the PaySG dashboard.

Payment reports

You can download a csv file of all payment links in a payment service. Select your payment service of choice and download the payments under "Actions". These details can also be viewed directly on the dashboard when you click on a payment on the dashboard.

Payment report fields

The following fields would have been input during payment link creation.

  • Payment Reference: Reference ID of your choice that is input during the creation of payment links. Does not need to be unique.

  • Name: Payer’s name.

  • Address: Payer’s address.

  • Identifier: Payer’s identifier of your agency’s choice (e.g. NRIC, passport number).

  • Email: Payer’s email.

  • Amount (SGD): Payment amount inclusive of GST.

  • Due Date: Optional due date, input during the creation of payment links. For display purposes only.

  • About Payment: Payment description.

The following fields are based off of actions performed on the payment or payment link and are tracked by PaySG.

  • PaySG ID: Unique ID set by PaySG.

  • Created by: Email of the individual who created the payment link.

  • Payment Link URL: Link to the PaySG payment page for payers.

  • Payment Status: Payment status (unpaid, paid, refunded)

  • Payout ID: Stripe payout ID. Also found in payout report.

  • Email Status: Reflects status of payment email.

  • Link sent on: Date when payment link was sent via email on PaySG dashboard.

  • Created on: Date of payment link creation.

  • Paid on: Date that payer successfully made payment.

  • Paid Out on: Date of payout to your agency’s bank account.

  • Fully Refunded on: Date of refund.

Payout reports

PaySG generates a report for each payout received in your bank account. Select your payment service of choice and download the report under the "Reports" tab. Our payout reports provide information that can be used to facilitate reconciliation.

Payout report fields

  • payout_date: Date that payout is credited to your agency’s bank account

  • transaction_timestamp: Timestamp of when payment is made

  • transfer_amt_in_dollars: Amount credited to your bank account after fee deduction

  • payout_id: ID of the payout credited to your agency's bank account

  • paysg_id: PaySG's transaction ID

  • paysg_payment_service_id: Payment service ID

  • transaction_id: Stripe's transaction ID

  • transaction_type

  • transaction_amt_in_dollars

  • stripe_fee_in_dollars

  • bank_fee_in_dollars

  • currency

  • payment_method

  • card_funding

  • card_country

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