Integrating with PaySG

This page includes FAQs from technical teams and vendors when integrating with PaySG.


Do you provide code snippets for Java/Python etc.?

No, we do not provide code snippets. Please refer to our guide on endpoints and API resources for relevant information.

Does PaySG have a refund API?

We do not currently have a refund API. Our expected launch for PaySG's refund APIs is in Q2 2024.


What is the lead time for integrating with PaySG?

The lead time varies depending on your payment method of choice, as well as your team's internal integration timelines. Please refer to our section on timelines for more information.

Can I integrate my intranet application/e-service with PaySG?

PaySG requires internet access.

Can PaySG interface with our agency's existing financial system (e.g. Workday)?

PaySG is not currently integrated with Workday. Feel free to contact us at should you like to discuss your use case.

Can PaySG interface with our vendor's system?

Please refer to our guide on our endpoints to find out more about how your vendor can integrate with our APIs.

Payments and refunds

No, the due date is meant for display to payers and is optional.

Payment links are valid as long as (1) they aren't cancelled by someone from your agency and (2) payment has not been successful.

Does PaySG return payment status information to our e-service?

Yes. We have webhooks that you can use for real-time status updates.

Can duplicate payments occur?

  • Stripe does not allow duplicate payments.

  • If you are using bank PayNow and a repeated payment occurs during the validity of the QR code, we automatically refund all repeated transactions.

  • On our payment page, payers will no longer be able to make additional payment once the initial payment has been successful.


How do I redirect users back to my agency's page?

Include a return_url of choice when creating a new payment link.

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