Payment methods

Which payment methods are supported by PaySG?

PaySG currently supports debit cards, credit cards, PayNow, and e-wallets. Additional payment methods may be supported in the future.

Can I customise the payment methods I want to offer?

Yes, you have the flexibility to customize the payment methods you want to support. Simply go to your Stripe dashboard, navigate to Settings > Payment Methods. For more information on Stripe's available payment methods in Singapore, refer to their page here.

I enabled/disabled a payment method on Stripe, but it isn't updated on the PaySG payment page. How do I troubleshoot this?

  • Head to Stripe's payment method settings.

  • Ensure that the payment method was enabled/disabled under PaySG configurations.

  • On PaySG, create a new payment link to verify that the payment method was correctly enabled/disabled. Do note that newly enabled/disabled payment methods will only apply to subsequently created payment links and not existing payment links.

I want to offer a payment method but I can't find it on Stripe's settings page. How do I proceed?

Please refer to Stripe's page here to find out more about it's available payment methods in Singapore.

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