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Cost and Benefits of PaySG

What you pay for

The PaySG platform itself is free to use. However, transaction fees are applicable and are paid directly to your Payment Service Provider (PSP). The exact fees vary depending on the payment method employed.

What you don't pay for

  • Licensing: No fees are charged for obtaining a license or achieving minimum transaction volumes.
  • Training: PaySG's user-friendly interface eliminates the need for costly training.
  • Upgrades: There are no fees associated with accessing new releases or supporting technical documentation.
  • New Features: Minimal or no technical work is required to utilize newly introduced features.
  • 24/7 Support: Our team provides comprehensive support for PaySG and its users from Monday to Friday, 10 am to 6 pm, with emergency support available outside these hours.
  • Branding: You can customize your payment pages in PaySG without incurring any additional fees.
  • Regulatory Compliance: PaySG adheres to industry regulations and any updates necessary to maintain compliance are implemented without charge.

Time and Cost Savings with PaySG

User Confidence

A poor or untrustworthy online user experience can drive users to opt for offline payment channels, which can be less convenient, more time-consuming to manage, and costly to process. PaySG offers the following advantages:
  • Hosted on the renowned and trusted PaySG platform
  • Fully responsive and accessible
  • Faster than offline payment methods
  • Supported 24/7 by our dedicated team

Procurement Efficiency

Given that PaySG is free to use, central government teams can avoid protracted procurement processes.
Local authorities can save both time and money by eliminating the need for frequent re-procurement of e-payment systems, a process that typically takes over 6 months each time.

Rapid Service Deployment

By partnering with our Payment Service Provider (PSP), Stripe, you can promptly activate your PaySG account.
With payment links, you can start accepting payments within a day, without having to build a digital service.
For API integrations, your teams or suppliers can refer to our comprehensive technical documentation to set up services quickly.

Real-Time Data Insights

Lack of real-time payment data can result in unnecessary work and increased costs. For instance:
  • Caseworkers may send costly follow-up letters to users who have already made payments.
  • Operations teams may be unable to address user inquiries regarding recent payments, resulting in additional callbacks.
With PaySG's real-time data, your teams can consistently access the most up-to-date payment and refund information.

Streamlined Refund Process

Initiating and processing refunds is effortless and time-efficient.
You can locate and process refunds within our intuitive dashboard.
Note: The above information applies to the PaySG platform and its associated services.