Feature roadmap

This page provides an overview of upcoming feature releases on PaySG.


Multiple payment modes in a single payment service

Provide Stripe’s payment modes and bank PayNow in a single payment service.

By May 2024

Refund API

Submit refund requests via API instead of dashboard only.

By May 2024

UOB PayNow

Offer PayNow to payers, credited directly to your receiving UOB bank account.

By May 2024

Access control

Set different access control levels for different users. Permissions available: View-only, admin, billing, refunds

By May 2024

Recurring payments (card-on-file)

Collect payments from payers on a recurring (monthly, yearly) basis.

By May 2024

We plan to explore the following features during Q3/Q4 of 2024. Please note that priorities may shift. If you have specific use cases requiring these features, please reach out to us at team@pay.gov.sg with further details.

  • DBS PayNow

  • Card-on-file (Stripe)


  • Bank transfer

  • Filter/sort function on PaySG dashboard

  • Bulk actions on PaySG dashboard

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