Send payment links

Sending payment links in PaySG is a straightforward process that allows officers to efficiently share payment links with payers.

PaySG allows you to send payment links via different methods:

  1. Click on the "Send Link" button associated with the payment link.

  2. PaySG will automatically send the payment link to the email address provided for the payer.

  3. This email will contain all the necessary information for the payer to complete the payment.

If you prefer to use alternative methods, you can copy the payment link or save the QR code to include in a message in a third-party messaging application such as Whatsapp.

  1. Locate the desired payment link in the PaySG admin dashboard.

  2. Copy the payment link by selecting and copying the URL provided or save the QR code.

  3. Paste the link or QR code into your preferred messaging or email platform for sending to the payers.

In cases where multiple payment links need to be sent, PaySG simplifies the process with the "Send All Unsent" button. This feature enables officers to send payment links to all payers who have not yet received their payment links.

  1. Locate the "Send All Unsent" button, typically found in the payment links section.

  2. Clicking this button will trigger PaySG to automatically send the payment links to all payees who have not yet received them.

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