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An overview of the steps from creating a Stripe account for PaySG to going live

Follow the steps below to start collecting payments with PaySG:

1. Determine your setup

Evaluate PaySG's features to ensure it aligns with your service's requirements. Feel free to reach out to for us to discuss how PaySG can help with your team's payment processes.

2. Accessing PaySG

Explore our staging (test) environment.

In our staging environment, you can simulate using all of PaySG's features without using real money. Create a new sample payment service on PaySG to see how it functions for your users. You will need to connect the payment service with your Stripe account (to be created in step 4) to be able to test the payment flow.

3. Share with your team

Share information about PaySG with your team members from various departments involved in managing payments, such as digital, operational delivery, and finance. Invite team members from the Collaborators section of the PaySG dashboard. You may also want to provide our documentation to your technical and finance teams.

4. Create a Stripe account

For agencies using Stripe, create a Stripe account for free here. For agencies using bank PayNow only, proceed to the next step.

5. Complete paperwork

Submit a PO to account for Stripe's/banks' transaction fees.

Depending on the payment modes your team chooses to offer, you'll need to complete Stripe or bank paperwork to get bulk tender rates (see payment onboarding for more information) and for PaySG to have the necessary API access.

Note that step 7 can be done concurrently while waiting for the paperwork to be complete.

6. Integrate your service

If your use case does not involve API integration with your e-services, proceed to the next step.

For more detailed steps on integrating with PaySG, refer to our guide here. For more information on timelines, refer to our implementation timeline.

7. Test PaySG

Before going live, ensure that you've tested out your payment service and links' settings.

  1. Create a payment service at

  2. For agencies using Stripe, ensure your Stripe account is connected on test mode.

  3. Create payment links and verify the expected behaviour and display settings.

8. Going live

When you are ready to go live, sign in to your account and follow the provided steps.

  1. Connect your production account to Stripe for payment processing. Ensure that your Stripe account is on live mode.

  2. Double-check that your production environment settings match the staging environment settings.

  3. Keep an eye on the PaySG status page for updates and incidents.

  4. Before accepting payments, you can customize settings like accepted payment methods in the Stripe admin tool.

  5. To make sure everything is working, make a real payment and check if it goes through successfully.

If you have any questions or require support, please contact PaySG at

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