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What is PaySG?

PaySG is a free-of-charge service designed for government agencies to accept online payments. We act as a payment aggregator, enabling your agency to collect payments via Stripe (credit cards, e-wallets, PayNow) and direct bank PayNow through a single platform.
PaySG can be accessed through our dashboard, or through API integration with your agency's existing e-services.

Key Capabilities of PaySG

  • Payment Methods: Accepts PayNow, debit/credit cards, and digital wallet payments.
  • Reports: Offers comprehensive transaction reports for all payments made via PaySG.
  • Refunds: Provides a simple and direct refund process.
  • Standards: Meets government accessibility and usability standards.


For agencies who are using our self-service dashboard, refer to our dashboard guide.
For technical teams and vendors who are integrating existing e-services with PaySG's APIs, refer to our API guide.
Note: The above information applies to the PaySG platform and its associated services.
Last modified 11d ago