Payment onboarding

This guide describes the differences between using Stripe and direct bank PayNow to collect payments via PaySG.

What payment methods can I offer when using PaySG?

The payment methods you can offer depend on whether you're using Stripe, direct bank integration for PayNow, or both.

You can offer credit/debit card, e-wallet and PayNow options through Stripe. You can offer PayNow through direct bank integration.

The development/integration effort to include Stripe and/or direct bank PayNow will be done by PaySG. Your team will only need to integrate with PaySG.

What's the difference between using Stripe and direct bank integration for PaySG?

ItemStripeDirect bank integration

Payment methods

  • Credit/debit cards

  • E-wallets (Apple Pay, Google Pay, AliPay, GrabPay)

  • PayNow

  • PayNow

Payout time

Typically 3 business days after payment


*Fees (*PaySG does not charge fees to use our platform. You only need to account for Stripe/banks' transaction fees, if any)

Bulk tender rates applicable to government agencies under bulk tender GVT-16020

Bulk tender rates applicable to government agencies under bulk tender GVT- 19006

Set-up time

Assuming paperwork has been completed, launching with Stripe usually allows a shorter lead time as there's no additional engineering effort required on PaySG's end.

Depends on whether PaySG has integrated with your bank before. Refer to our timeline guide for more info.

How do I proceed with Stripe?

Before account creation

Expected duration: Dependent on your team's approval process

  1. Identify a POC to own and create the Stripe account. We usually recommend that someone from the team who will do reconciliation own this account, but this is up to your team to decide.

  2. Get approval from the relevant budget head to account for Stripe's transaction fees. Contact us at to find out more about transaction fees.

Account creation and price application

Expected duration: 2-3 weeks

  1. Create, verify and activate a Stripe account for free.

  2. Copy your account ID to send to Stripe. This can be found under "Accounts" at

  3. Issue a GeBiz PO to Stripe. Without this, Stripe cannot apply bulk tender rates to your account.

  4. For PayNow, your agency's POC will need to issue a DC.

  5. Stripe usually takes ~2 weeks to apply bulk tender rates to your account.

After price application

Expected duration: For dashboard users: instant. For users integrating with PaySG: depends on your technical team's timeline.

  • Dashboard-only users: Start collecting payments instantly.

  • Users with PaySG API integration: Start collecting payments once your team/vendor has completed integration

How do I proceed with direct bank integration for PayNow?


Expected duration: 1-4 weeks, depending on your team.

  • If your agency has worked with the chosen bank before, contact your relationship manager and loop us in for access to their APIs. Your finance/procurement team may need to assess if a GeBiz PO to the bank needs to be issued.

  • If your agency has not worked with the bank before, contact your finance/procurement team for guidance.

PaySG integration with bank APIs

Expected duration: 4-10 weeks, depending on your team’s bank choice and requirements.

  1. PaySG will work with the bank’s implementation team to integrate their APIs with our services.

  2. The expected duration will depend on when end-to-end or user acceptance testing can be conducted on your end.

  3. On PaySG’s end, you can expect a 3-4 week lead time til production.

Should my team proceed with Stripe or direct bank integration?

This depends on your use case and its requirements. Generally, proceeding with Stripe has a shorter lead time given the lack of additional engineering effort required on PaySG's end.

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