UAT checklist

This guide is intended for government and public sector organizations (or their respective vendors) conducting an integration UAT with PaySG.

1. Introduction

You will call the PaySG API (Test Mode) and ensure that the integration is working as expected.

All testing should be done on test mode only. Test mode base url:

2. Functionality Testing

Please download the following document as reference for the functionality test:

a. Overview

There are a total of 6 tests to complete for the API as detailed in the integration test cases document. This includes successful and unsuccessful voucher redemptions.

Steps are provided for both backend testing (without scanning QR) and POS testing (with scanning QR). Backend testing is optional, but we would require Merchants to test all cases with their POS Scanner.

  • The payment creation API allows for idempotency, ensuring requests can be safely retried without accidentally executing the same action multiple times. This can be done by adding the additional Idempotency-Key header. As per the previous documentation, we recommend using V4 UUIDs.

# Example of a v4 uuid idempotency key
-H "Idempotency-Key: af9be4e3-685d-4384-99c7-11774722d930"

b. Executing Test Cases

  • Refer to column D and E on how to execute the tests. Red text indicate that content should be replaced with information according to instructions provided.

  • Column F shows the expected response from PaySG. Red text indicate dynamic fields.

c. Updating Test Cases File

You should execute each of the test and fill up:

  • Column G / H with response received from PaySG [Column H is optional]

  • Column H with the time taken. Since the time taken for a transaction is crucial for the overall user experience, we want to keep it within a reasonable limit. Please measure the time taken for a execution from end to end and report it here.

  • Column K with pass/fail status i.e. if actual outcome is the same as expected outcome, indicate Pass. Else, indicate Fail.

d. Updating PaySG Team on UAT Results

Once all the test cases have been passed, you should send the updated document to the PaySG team (

Live mode API keys will only be provided upon completion of the integration test. Do not switch over to live mode until informed so by PaySG.

Once live mode API key is given, the base url should be changed to:

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