Stripe onboarding

Before account creation

Expected duration: Dependent on your team's approval process

  1. Identify a POC to own and create the Stripe account. We usually recommend that someone from finance/reconciliation own this account, but this is up to your team to decide.

  2. Get approval from the relevant budget head to account for Stripe's transaction fees. Contact us at to find out more about transaction fees.

Account creation, verification and price application

Expected duration: 2-4 weeks

Account creation

  • Create a Stripe account here.

Account verification

  1. Once your account has been created, fill in the business onboarding to verify your account. A video tutorial can be found here.

  2. Stripe has a regulatory requirement to verify that the Business Representative of a Stripe Account is authorized by the Government Agency that they are creating the Stripe Account for. The approval can be sent as an email to by an appropriately authorised person who is listed in the SGDI. A template can be found at

Price application

  1. Issue a GeBiz PO (covered under WOG bulk tender GVT-16020) to Stripe. This is necessary for Stripe to apply bulk tender rates to your account.

  2. For PayNow, you will need to sign a separate fee schedule. Contact us at to be connected with our Stripe representative.

For healthcare clusters:

  • The use of Stripe for PaySG payments falls within the parameters of MOM Circular No. 28/2022.

  • You will need to sign a fee schedule with Stripe. Contact us at to be connected with our Stripe representative.

After price application

Expected duration: For dashboard users: instant. For users integrating with PaySG: depends on your technical team's timeline.

  • Dashboard-only users: Start collecting payments instantly.

  • Users with PaySG API integration: Start collecting payments once your team/vendor has completed integration

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