Set up your Stripe account

Create a Stripe account and benefit from Stripe's bulk tender rates

PaySG uses Stripe as its underlying Payment Service Provider (PSP) to facilitate transactions. To start using PaySG, you need a Stripe account.

Create a Stripe account

You can create a Stripe account for free at We recommend that someone from your Finance team, or the relevant team that does reconciliation, own the Stripe account.

To proceed with Stripe's bulk tender rates, contact us at to be connected to Stripe partners who will guide you through the set up.

Issue a Purchase Order

After creating a free Stripe account, you will need to issue a Purchase Order (PO) for Stripe. First, seek clearance from your Team/Department Head and/or Budget Owner to budget for the transaction fees to be incurred by the PSP.

Once you have obtained clearance to proceed, issue the PO through GeBiz for Stripe (covered under WOG bulk tender GVT-16020; for healthcare clusters, the use of Stripe for PaySG payments falls within the parameters of MOH Circular No. 28/2022).

Sign Stripe's paperwork

Once the PO has been approved, you will need to sign Stripe's documentation (ie. fee schedule) and any other relevant paperwork.

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